Taksofonų kabinos

Production of payphone boxes / Taksofonų kabinos

This phone both TK 015 is meant to be arranged in outdoor public places. While designing it great attention was paid to steadiness of its construction and convenience of its maintenance.


Dimensions, mm
-height 2235
-width 912
-depth 912

Inner dimensions, mm
-height 2050
-width 854
-depth 854

Phone line lead underground cable
Electric system lead underground cable

Electric safety means present
Weight without the foundation, kg 200


There is a novelty presented in this PB construction – foundation (patented). It allows to settle in the most optimal way the finish of foundation, quick assembling, convenience, long life time, aesthetic view, etc. The outer casing of the foundation is made of glass plastic. Colour is introduced during production therefore it remains throughout all maintenance time. The casing is filled by concrete through which channels for electric , telephone line wires, earthing wire and brackets for mounting the booth frame are led.
The upper part of the foundation is covered by rough special alloy aluminium sheet thickness. Loops instead of brackets are mounted for erection of the foundation with the help of autocrane


The frame is made of square tube. Its construction is very rigid and withstands attacks of vandals. The construction is paint covered (powder painting) therefore it is resistant to scratching and smearing materials.


Tempered glass is used for the walls of PB. The glass walls are fixed to the alluminium frame with the help of alluminium profile. In order to avoid accidents the hardness of tempering of each glass wall is tested. 8 mm tempered glass is used for the door.


The frame of the door is made of square tube. For the door hinges swing ball bearings are used. They ensure safe work of the door and its closing mechanism at every temperature. The door closing mechanism, is a special product of German company having safety function – protection from hard wind gust. Convenient handle is made of stainless steel. The handle and fixing mechanism are patented in Lithuania.


The phone is mounted on the construction made of thick – walled rectangle tube. There is a lockable distribution box in the lower part of the tube. There are commutation contacts for electric and phone wires. Phone line wires go through this tube to the phone.
For the mounting of the phone steel parts are used. The phone can be mounted or dismounted only after opening it.


A place for information is foreseen above the phone. There are shelves in the corners of PB for a notebook or what ever. One of the shelves has a hook for a bag. Construction allowing fixing phone books (up to 2 books) can be erected on the shelf. Telephone book is fixed in a special metal gutter and in this way it is protected against theft. With the help of a special hinge the book after it is used is affected by weight and acquires position “back up”. This protects it from dust and accidental precipitation.


The ceiling is made of steel sheet. Automatic light switch can be erected in the ceiling for the dark period of the day as well as lighting lamps. Light dispersing tempered glass is mounted in the lockable door. When opening it lighting lamps , light switch , hidraulic shock absorber can be changed. There are ventilation holes and channels that ensure self – contained ventilation at damp or hot air.


The roof is made of glass plastic . It is not only a reliable protection against precipitation but it also reduces thermal influence of the sun , it does not change colour. There are four brackets on the top of the roof for lifting with the help of autocrane. There can be informational notes placed on the sides of the roof. The profile of the roof lets rain water to get to the back side of PB through a gutter.


For lighting the booth can be connected to 220 V or 36 V alternating current electrical system. Depending on voltage different wiring is installed. It is recommended to use 220 V alternating current voltage. Modern wiring and isolating materials ensure reliable protection against current leakage.
For lighting luminescensous 20 W (EE20) with electronic energy saving scheme is used (40-60 W heating lamp can be used).
. For the dark period of the day automatic light switch can be installed in the ceiling. PB wiring is made with the help of cable (3×1,0 mm2) having double instalation.


The phone line cable is led through foundation canals and through the PB foundation to the distribution box. The box is lockable and has protection against illegal connection to the line.
The distribution box enables to distribute several phone lines (it is necessary when several PB are arranged in one place). The phone from the box is connected with the help of four fibre (type TKF04SW cable). There can be a safety fuse from thunder.


PB are fitted to people with invalid carts the main dimensions of which do not exceed 800 x 1200 mm. For getting into PB in an invalid cart the door has to be opened more than 90°. In this position the door fixes easily and then it is possible to get in. The phone for convenience of the handicapped is mounted not higher than 1300 mm from the foundation to the buttons.


It is recommended: PB the pillars are painted in blue, the ceiling and the ruff is white. The sign of customer and notice are placed on the sides of the roof, their colours on the customer’s request. The sign “phone” or phone sign (stylized telephone receiver) made of adhesive tape is pasted on all the surfaces of side and wide door and are blue and white. The colour of the foundation is blue. The floor is natural alluminium colour.


PB is presented to customer almost fully assembled. The customer has to prepare a pit 1,25m x 1,25 m for the foundation in depth of 0,8m – 1,4m (depending on the ground). When it is necessary according to the existing standards earthing is arranged, electric and phone lines are laid. The pit is filled in with gravel 20 cm up to the surface and thickened. On the top 10 cm of sand is added, thickened and leveled. On the surface prepared the foundation is erected. PB is mounted on it and fixed with special clinches. Lines, earthing are connected, phone is fixed, all necessary electric mete-rings are made. PB is ready for work.